I started my Bachelor Degree in Teaching in Fine Art and Design in Education at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle, the Netherlands in 2011. This intensive bachelor is designed to have an equal balance between your personal art practice and preparing for teaching in the Arts. I learned the basics in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, wood, metal, photography, film, animation and web design and specialized in painting, installation and textile. My work often concerned simplified compositions of landscapes and panoramic views, divided into harmonically coloured shapes. Reflections, estrangement and deformation of perspective were recurring themes.

After graduating in 2016 I decided to further develop my art practice and moved to Cork to attend the Master in Art & Process at Cork Institute of Technology. The Irish landscapes have been a huge inspiration to my immersive and illuminating installations, giving a cathartic and serene sensation to the viewers of my work. For my thesis I researched Merleau-Ponty’s ‘Phenomenology of Perception’ and the works of James Turrell, which gave a renewed and enriched philosophical approach towards my practice. My graduation piece, ‘Atmosphere’, was an immersive globe-shaped installation with a diameter of 2 meters which was seemingly floating in the space. Seeing the work from inside the globe, the pigments become more vibrant due to the light shining through the hand-dyed fabric.

I am currently living in the Netherlands again and started my company as an independent artist and art teacher.