Artist statement

My practice is situated in painting, installation and textile art.  The fabric of my installation surrounds the viewer like a panorama, often resembling imagery of sky and landscape.  This fabric becomes a veil between the outer world and the viewer.  When light shines through the hand dyed textile, it deepens the intensity of the pigments used to dye the cloth and illuminates the space with colour.

I capture my memories of sublime sensations of places I have visited, and transfer them into the artwork.  I create a space that is in-between the physical and the emotional.  Research into phenomenology has increased my understanding of perception and the viewer’s experience within my immersive installations.  Rather than focusing on the reality of the actual world, I wish to give meaning to individual perceptions and experiences of an inner world.

I want the viewer to experience an abstract encounter with colour, light and space, bringing them to a place of tranquility, a serene moment of time in a world where they are constantly inundated with an overwhelming flow of stimuli.